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Captain Paul

Captain Heather

About Us: We specialize in SMALL GROUP DOLPHIN TOURS.  Fins to Feathers is committed to education and conservation through experiential learning.  We create the experience of observing wild and free dolphins, fishing and playing in their natural environment. I have been on the water my entire life, many years spent on the Chesapeake Bay and I am currently falling in love with the Laguna Madre and all her treasures. I am Capt Paul and love to share this magical place with all those who want to experience it as I do, dancing with our dolphins, admiring the many birds and learning about the history of the area. Come experience the magic….





Diesel our Dolphin Dog



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This is the tour for any birder, photographer, or nature enthusiast to view shore bird species up close. Approaching by boat, the birds feed and remain calm as the boat pushes up on the shore.

Guided tours to see this rare bird is a speciality of Fins to Feathers

Guided tours to see the rare Mangrove Warbler is a speciality of Fins to Feathers



SMALL GROUP DOLPHIN TOURS:  The best way to see dolphins is on a boat that the dolphins know well and that is the Laguna Skimmer. On the water with our dolphins since 1997 , this is the most eco friendly, dolphin friendly tour on the water. We call it dancing with dolphins.   Just imagine a tour  with only a small group or even just your family .










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Our boat, a virtual floating bird blind, is equipped with a catamaran hull and a 4-stroke engine which provides a silent and stabilized shooting platform. Close approach to our many shore bird species allows photographers to obtain tight, low angle shots of feeding and other unique behavior. Whether it is a Reddish Egret dancing, a male Mangrove Warbler calling, or a Skimmer cutting through the surface of the water, there is always a great picture to be captured from our boat! Dolphins playing make for exciting photos and great scenic shots maneuvered in the position  you want.


This is a tour for small groups

We take six or less

We offer two types of tours

One is for the hour and a half tour – $25.00 per person plus tax

The second is for two and a half hours – $45.00 per person plus tax

We also accommodate groups smaller than 4 and provide boat charters. Just ask for pricing when you call to schedule your tour.

Gift Cards Available-Give the gift of a once in a lifetime experience!!!

We do have a 4 person minimum: however that is fuel based requirement and we are happy to take groups out on a private tour.

Because this is the most reasonable tour fee per person we can offer as a private tour boat  our rates are per person no matter what the age is.

A credit/debit card is required to schedule a tour. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours for a full refund.

Firework, Rocket Launch, New Years, Birthday, and Anniversary tours are available and subject to seasonal rates and availability. Dogs and children are welcomed (please inform us if you are bringing your dog first) and every possible effort is made to accommodate handicaps. Please call us to see if we can help you!

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